Welcome to CasinoRiskManager.Net® , a Risk Management application for Casino companies.


This power-packed version of CasinoRiskManager.Net combines exciting features with established functionality users have come to rely on.

CasinoRiskManager.Net is a full-featured Casino Risk Management application designed specifically for the gaming Industry for all Windows Operating systems.

CasinoRiskManager.Net provides effective ongoing monitoring of patrons and their financial transactions, with a new generation of money laundering monitoring, reporting and analytics to help the Casino adapt to evolving risks and regulations with superior efficiency and insight. CasinoRiskManager.Net is divided into various Patron categories:

Patron Categories
  • Patron‘ Information
  • Search API‘ details. To accomodate ‘Acuris Risk Intelligence Search API‘ ( see https://www.acurisriskintelligence.com/ ).
  • Identification‘ details
  • Status‘Status details
  • Evidence‘ details
  • Attendance‘ details
  • Play / Recycled‘ details
  • Interaction‘ details
  • Suspension‘ details
  • Document‘ details
  • Debit‘ details
  • Audit‘ details
  • Rolling 28 Days‘ – Detail & Summary reports.
  • Exceptions – Recycled (Turnover) NOT Approved‘ – Detail & Summary reports.
  • Exceptions – Recycled (Turnover) NO Form‘ – Detail & Summary reports.
  • Visits‘ – Detail & Summary reports.
  • Evidence (Proof of Funds)‘ – Detail report.
  • Identification Expiry‘ – Detail report.
  • Debits‘ – Detail & Summary reports.
  • Debits – Aged‘ – Detail & Summary reports.
  • Evidence‘ – Detail report.
  • Play / Recycled‘ – Detail report.
  • Interaction‘ – Detail report.
  • Visits after Suspension‘ – Detail report.
  • Audit‘ – Detail report.
  • Interaction By Patron Age‘ – Detail & Summary reports.
  • Debits By Patron Age – Transaction Detail By Date‘ report.
  • Debits By Patron Age – Transaction Detail By Patron‘ report.
  • Debits By Patron Age – Transaction Summary‘ report.
  • Debits 7 Days – Detail‘ report.
  • Debits 7 Days – Summary‘ report.
  • Suspension‘ – Detail report.

CasinoRiskManager.Net stresses the need to maintain procedures aimed at preventing risks. It provides background information and defines acceptable standards of practice based on operational experience and research. This will enable the person responsible (supported when necessary by specialist advice) to establish procedures appropriate to their site.

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