Application Development

Application Development

Bespoke Software Development can help transform your businesses through empowering staff with solutions that find more efficient ways of working or deliver a superior service for your customers. Column Systems has delivered software development for desktop, web-based and mobile platforms over many years. This experience has shaped our technical expertise in delivering quality functionality to private and public organisations.

How we help you:

Line of business applications are all about following a process. It may have many beginnings, branches and outcomes, but all eventualities must be considered and handled. A well designed software application will manage this for you. It will control the input of data, how it flows through the workflow stages and ensures your team complete the task effectively.

It will warn you when something appears abnormal and guide you through each task so nothing falls through cracks, is misinterpreted or incorrectly entered. The outcome is informed management, productive users and happy customers.

The Process:

Starting with the planning stage, Column Systems architects delve deep to understand the nuances of your business and how it operates on a day-to-day basis. This often leads to members of staff highlighting areas of the workflow process that they feel could be improved.

We take this on board, listening to the management team and your users, adding our own suggestions as we go. We then articulate this in writing along with a prototype of a new system that will consolidate everything into one central system. This prototyping exercise helps you visualise how the system will look and feel, even at this early design stage.

We then develop the application, demonstrating it as we go until it is released and in operation. It will be tailored specifically to match your unique process, unlike off-the-shelf packaged software that limits you to its industry standard, vanilla offering. You choose the information you store and how you use that to satisfy your clients’ needs.

All businesses change, whether it is due to growth, restructuring or responding to market trends. Workflow processes shift to reflect change and so must your supporting software systems. So we design and build software to make this easier, advising and guiding you every step of the way as a trusted, long term partner.

Bespoke Software Development can deliver desktop applications that transform your business through empowering your staff with solutions that find more efficient ways of working and deliver a superior service to your customers. Over the years, Column Systems has proven its technical expertise in delivering quality functionality to both private and public organisations. Proven track record of bug-free project delivery. Easy-to-work-with staff, personal, creative approach.

Industry Expertise:
  • HtBolts32.Net® , the Industry Standard in High Temperature Bolts Database Management for Utility companies (Gas, Steam, Coal & Nuclear Power Stations).
  • CasinoRiskManager.Net® , Casino Risk Management for casino companies.
  • Time Recording & Client Accounting for Legal Practices.
  • Financial Systems (various).
  • Sales, Order Processing & Stock Control Systems.
  • Fresh food & produce distributors.
  • Oil & Gas arm of leading international engineering and construction operations.
  • Shipping Industry.
  • Well-known retailing organisations.
  • Europe’s largest travel consolidators providing travel to members of the public & travel agents.
  • Microsoft .NET, Visual Basic & Access expertise
  • SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase & Access database expertise
  • Hundreds of complex projects delivered on time.
  • On-going research of new technologies.

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