Web Development

Web Development

Our company’s specialists develop websites of any complexity, with 100% guarantee of its correct functioning.

Grow your business and reach more customers with web-based solutions that look great and work brilliantly. Great web development fused with stunning design can solve many business problems – including achieving growth with no extra staff, reaching more customers and using the internet to give you that vital competitive advantage. Column Systems has delivered a diverse range of websites and web-based applications using specialist technologies. Column Systems can provide a range of Static & Dynamic web sites.

How we help you:

Column Systems has a comprehensive understanding of how to best structure and compose content for the web. These days, it’s not enough to have a pretty website. It must deliver on demand and do so quickly, else you’re passing visitors over to your competition.

From a creative standpoint our designs are truly a cut above. Great care goes into crafting interfaces that are aesthetically appealing, meaningful, memorable and usable. Special consideration is given to our clients’ brand and intended audience.

Compliant with the latest industry standards and legislation, the code that backs our sites is elegantly efficient and flexible. All coding undergoes a rigorous quality assurance process.

Animated presentations and interactive modules can be used to illustrate difficult concepts, draw attention to important information and engage audiences. Using the very latest latest technology, Column Systems can develop multimedia presentations to enhance your existing website or build entire websites from scratch that are compelling and alive.

Geographic freedom is available to use from any internet connected computer securely, whether in the office, at home or from an internet cafe in Singapore airport. It can also be accessed through wireless or 4G in the field.

Reduced Costs as we are able to develop these applications quicker using standard development techniques, making it cheaper and less hassle to get you up and running.

PC friendly as older Windows based systems use your computer’s resources to process data and run the application, meaning you have to invest in computers with the capability. This is removed with browser based applications which are cross-platform and use the hosting resources to do the heavy processing work.

Easy to maintain as there is no installation necessary, and with only one version of the application to upgrade, there is no need to roll out versions onto multiple computers on a network. We make the change to one set of files, launch it, and you see it.

Secure, as access to applications is enabled through secure portals and login screens with 128-bit encryption. Most company internal hosting systems are protected by multiple firewalls, servers and intrusion detection.

We may use Web Site Templates i.e. WordPress, WooCommerce , Opencart , Drupal , Html 5 , Joomla , Magento , Moto-cms-html , Prestashop , ZenCart and Virtuemart.

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