IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy

Column Systems helps clients transform their IT to better support a high performing business. We deliver measurable business value from a full range of innovative, industrialized technology consulting solutions. These critical solutions address a CIO’s most urgent technology challenges

How we help you:

Our IT consultancy team is highly skilled with knowledge of many different industry sectors, giving you the benefit of that wide experience. Consultancy can be a dirty word, but we deliver real value to assignments by contributing our own opinions at every stage, we don’t just repeat what you’ve told us.

Although every problem a client is tackling is unique, we approach most consultancy tasks in a consistent way so that you can be confident of gaining value. Usually, we start by discovering more about the challenge you are facing, before moving into specific actions and workshops depending on your needs, which will fit in to one of our key offerings.

Our reputation for honesty extends to turning down consultancy work rather than struggling to undertake a task we aren’t capable of delivering.

Our deep understanding of project delivery means we can add more value to your business through a successful project than management consultants could.

Key offerings:
  • IT Strategy.
  • Project Management.
  • Business Analysis
  • Software requirements specification.
  • Technical Consultancy.

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