Training and Support

Training and Support

Column Systems prides itself on delivering a very high standard of training throughout the UK, these can be accessed at our training centre or on our clients premises. Our support agreements are integrated with the software we provide, so you can rest assured that you’re supported.

How we help you in Support:

Column Systems is a company that is exceptionally proud of the customer service and support that the we provide for our customer base.

Our support team place a great emphasis on customer service and use a number of methods to ensure that any issues and queries are resolved as soon as possible and with the minimum of disruption to your working day. Using the telephone, email and an extensive knowledge base we are able to resolve the vast majority of issues. For those issues which demand a little more attention the support team utilise access to the technical team.

Our standard support contract gives the customer a guaranteed time period to receive a response for his/her support request. The standard on-site response is offered within four hours, although for critical devices, this can be much faster. Through the use of remote access, most responses and resolutions occur within a matter of minutes. By using remote access and online monitoring, we are immediately informed when any problem occurs.

Technical Support:

Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00 GMT , excluding bank holidays.

Advantages to the Customer:
  • Solve queries, answer questions and provide advice as soon as is necessary.
  • Our support team are highly experienced in solving issues as quickly as is necessary.
  • Our support team is always on hand to solve your issues and get you working at full capacity as soon as is possible.
How we help you in Training:
  • The reduction of time spent away from the job by employees may be the most positive offshoot.
  • Increased retention and application to the job.
  • Consistent delivery of content.
  • Expert knowledge is communicated, but more importantly captured.
  • Proof of completion and certification, essential elements of training initiatives, is accredited on successful completion.
Advantages to the Learner:
  • Pacing for slow or quick learners reduces stress and increases satisfaction.
  • Interactivity engages users, pushing them rather than pulling them through training.
  • Confidence that refresher or quick reference materials are available reduces burden of responsibility of mastery.
  • Our training courses are proving very popular with our clients, many have responded by booking more of their staff on these courses than they would have been able to, had they had to attend a normal training course.
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